To help you choose the right Service here is a summary of all the regular worship at St George's:


10.00 am Sunday Worship with Holy Communion (every Sunday)

This is a service of Holy Communion (Eucharist) with hymns and a sermon. We have a Ladies’ robed choir and our own regular organist. We use the Common Worship liturgy. The words of the service and the hymns are displayed on a large, high, screen at the front of the church, so there is no need to worry about finding the right place in a service book or hymn book. The only piece of paper you will need for the service is the service sheet for the day, which will be handed to you by a “welcomer” as you enter the church. This will contain the Bible readings and Psalm for the service, with the Collect for the day and the post-communion prayer.

There is a corner at the back of the church with a playmat and toys for young children, who can either stay in church, or adjourn with their parents to the “Oasis Room” if they become too restless. Shortly after the start of the service, older children (3+) may prefer to leave the service to go to Godly Play (Sunday School) in the small hall (partitioned off from the main worship area) for Bible stories and activities, returning to the service during the Communion. Children aged 11+ can move on to Bible reading and discussion in the first-floor chapel, again returning to the service during the Communion.

On the first Sunday of the month we use a slightly different format with a responsive Confession and Creed, and one Bible reading. The service usually finishes at about 11.15 am, after which there is an opportunity to meet and greet over tea and coffee in the small hall.

6.30 pm Christ in Quiet (every first Sunday in the month)

This is a service of music and meditation followed by prayer and anointing with oil for those who wish to receive it. It usually lasts for about 1 hour.

6.30 pm Evensong (every third Sunday in the month)

This is a traditional service of Evening Prayer from the Book of Common Prayer with hymns, two Bible readings, sermon and prayers. There is a service booklet for this service and the projector and screen are not generally used. Occasionally, this is a full Choral Evensong sung by the Choir with settings for the responses and psalms.


9.30 am Holy Communion (every week)

This is a said service, with a short address and intercessions. It lasts for about half an hour, and is followed by tea, coffee and chat in the small hall.


10.00 am Acorn Prayer Group (every week)

This is a short time of prayer together, lasting about half an hour.