We'd like to start by saying thank you. If this is your first visit to a church then we’re honoured that you’ve chosen St George's. If you’re joining us from another church, or just seeing what Christianity is like, then we’re also really excited that you’ll be sharing your time with us.

Jesus was very clear that his invitation was for all, so we want to make sure that St George's is a place where you can come with eagerness, and leave feeling that you’ve met God during your time in our church.

We’re friendly and informal, so the simple advice if you’re a first time visitor is just turn up and give us a try. That’s it! There’s no pressure to say everything or sing anything. But it may help to try these handy tips:

Tell us you’re visiting - We know it’s a bit scary on your first visit, but we’ve all been there before. Let one of us know you’re a visitor. We'll try to answer your questions, and if you'd like, be delighted to sit with you during the service.

Stay for coffee - We have tea and coffee after our Sunday morning service. Join us and have a chat about how you found the service. This is also a great way to get to know people who come regularly.

Try different services We have a several different types of service, so if the first one doesn't quite suit, why not pop back and give one of the others a try?

Churches are all about the people in them, and we’re hoping that St George's might be a church that's right for you. We can’t wait to meet you and we’re already looking forward to saying hello.